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Version: [9.2.6] - [May 03, 2007]
Translated by: Zharay [iRO Loki]

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Basic Skill
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Basic Skill
Description A beginning adventurer on his/her first journey A Novice can obtain 9 basic skill levels by leveling up. These skills include essential features to play the game. One must train hard from the beginning to be able to change jobs.
Notes Must use all skill points before going on to 1-1 Class
Requirments None
1Enables Trading with other characters by right clicking an the character.
2Enables expression of emotions using Alt + number keys.
3Enables player to sit using the Insert key.
4Enables ability to make a chatroom (Alt+C).
5Enables the player to join parties.
6Enables the player to use the Kafra Storage, available through the town NPCs.
7Enables the player to organize a party. Instructions: /organize[partyname]
8Enables judgement of others using the Alignment System (currently not implemented)
9Enables the player to change to the first job class.
Passive User